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The Value of Hiring an Architectural Firm with an Effective Process and Workflow

As a client, it can be overwhelming to navigate the complex process of designing and building a structure. That's why it's crucial to hire an architectural firm that has a well-established process and workflow that not only ensures quality and efficiency but also educates and involves you throughout the project.

Here are some reasons why working with an architectural firm that has an effective process and workflow is essential:

  1. Quality assurance: An architectural firm with a proven process and workflow can ensure that every aspect of your design project is held to the highest standards. From the initial design phase to the final construction, every detail is accounted for and executed with precision, minimizing the risk of errors, and ensuring quality assurance.

  2. Workflow efficiency: The workflow of an architectural firm should be streamlined, allowing for quick and effective communication between team members, clients, and contractors. By having a process in place, it helps keep the project on track and reduces delays, saving time and money.

  3. Design education: A crucial aspect of the process is educating the client on the design choices made by the architectural firm. The firm should be able to explain their design choices in a way that is easy to understand, allowing the client to make informed decisions.

  4. Collaboration: A good architectural firm should collaborate with you throughout the design process, taking your feedback and incorporating it into the design. By working together, the final product will be a reflection of your vision, and the firm's expertise.

In conclusion, the process and workflow of an architectural firm are essential to the success of your design project. By working with a firm that prioritizes quality assurance, workflow efficiency, design education, and collaboration, you can ensure that your vision is brought to life with precision and excellence.

So, before hiring an architectural firm, ask about their process and workflow to ensure that they can deliver on your project's objectives while keeping you informed and involved.

Flow is a culturally diverse architectural ecosystem where everyone has a voice and a shot at making a better world through the use of materials, form, and space. Our design philosophy is fueled by the strengths and skills each partner brings into the table to achieve a common purpose: great and impactful architecture for humanity. The process is essentially an organized oasis of resources working in harmony via thoughtful collaboration.

Flow is rooted in the dream of the firm's founding partners to make a place for those without a place in the AEC industry. This dream became an obsession, and it sparked momentum when the firm was invited to participate in the 2019 Licensing Advisors Summit hosted by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards in Minneapolis. This is where NCARB shared a picture of the board members from all states and jurisdictions and none of them was a person of color. Michael Armstrong, CEO of NCARB, acknowledged that this was a problem and that they did not know what to do about it. Flow founding partner Darguin Fortuna believed that was a problem too and that the firm FLOW would insight change over the years.

Our Company is based out of the North Shore in Salem, Massachusetts. We serve Local, National, and International clients. We have licensed Architects in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & Florida.

We are pleased to share that our Film "The Change We Seek" has won the 2022 AIA Film Challenge People's Choice Award. Did you miss the Film - Watch it Here The Change We Seek & remember to like and subscribe to stay up to date with the latest films and educational content. It's free


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