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Flow Design Architects YouTube: A Collection of our Top Projects & Morel

Flow TV is a platform in which we showcase our work, our mission and the things that represent us as a one of a kind office. We combine humor within our day to day workflow. While we take our work seriously, we understand the process is complexed and at times stressful. This channel covers everything we do in short and entertaining episodes. Enjoy!

Pricing Set


Custom Residential Architecture Shovel Ready   
coming on February 14th, 2024!  


Yearning a custom home or addition that does not look like your neighbors place? Searching for opportunities to beat time constraints while maintaining quality? FlowPlans provides an opportunity for you to buy ready-to-build architectural drawings online.
At Flow, we believe in making people's lives better, easier & simpler.  We believe architecture and design can do that and in doing so make a better world.
These dwellings & additions are crafted by a renowned  architecture and interior architecture practice, Flow Design Architects. Each Flow house architecturally rich, and portrays Flow’s mastery in crafting spaces that elevate people and their lives.

The drawings for the first FlowPlans house, “SustainedHauss,” will be available for purchase soon!

Sustained Hauss: Compact & Conscious

Gross Floor Area: 587 sqft | Overall Dimensions: 15' w x 26' d | #of Bedroom: 1 | #of Bathrooms: 1 Full

The Sustained Hauss is designed to shield its users from the tough winters in the New England region while defining visual and direct connections to the critical parts of nature southern exposure and controlled breezes. The shed roof is found commonly in New England for its simplicity; mostly on the common storage sheds one sees in places such as China, ME & Ipswich, MA. The Sustained Hauss is defined by a redefined shed roof, folded down to tie the whole composition with a 2-story planar wall made of standing seam metal roofing. The concept provides an efficient and compact layout for the common areas (kitchen, living, dining) and a full bathroom on the ground floor, while the bedroom, is deliberately positioned on the upper floor to leverage vistas and natural daylight happens to be free!

Construction Set

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