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10 Colchester Rd. House Renovation

In the meticulous revitalization of this quintessential New England semi-traditional residence, our architectural journey unfolded as a symphony of spatial ingenuity. Tasked with condensing the opulence of the owners’ former 5,000-square-foot abode into the more intimate confines of a 2,500-square-foot canvas, we embarked on a transformative odyssey that required us to transcend conventional paradigms.

Studio Name: Flow Design ArchitectsProject

Name- 10 Colchester Rd. House Renovation

Director of Design: Julio Gutierrez

Project Architect: Darguin Fortuna, AIA

Project Manager: Marcos Severino

Professional Staff: Jose Pleitez

Onwer/Contractor: Chris & Jeanette Alexandrou, MCHomes

Area: 2,500 sfLocation: Windham, NH

Photography Credits: Edwin De La Cruz, Flow Design Architects

Unleashing a creative panache, we envisioned and executed an array of dormer volumes on the second floor, fashioning bespoke sanctuaries for the owners’ three daughters. Simultaneously, the entirety of the ground level underwent a conceptual metamorphosis, as we reimagined its purpose with a fervor akin to orchestrating a magnum opus.

The clients, possessing a profound appreciation for design fostered through their affiliation with Flow, sought mentorship in tandem with our creative collaboration. Embracing the challenge presented by their ambitious timeline—acquisition looming within a mere four weeks, with requisite permits on the precipice of procurement—we strategically devised incremental design packages, allowing for a fluid evolution without compromising the project’s momentum.

The ground floor unfolded into a carefully delineated dichotomy, with a discreet adult sleeping enclave nestled at the rear, juxtaposed against expansive, publicly oriented living and gathering spaces gracing the front and right-hand flank. A structural beam, thoughtfully incorporated, not only unifies the dwelling visually but also serves as a conduit, framing an uninterrupted vista of the enchanting New Hampshire landscape.

Crafting the master bedroom posed a formidable puzzle, demanding the amalgamation of three erstwhile chambers into a singular, harmonious expanse. Negotiating concealed columns and transforming the overhead beam into a design focal point exemplified the finesse required in this spatial ballet.

Navigating the spatial constraints of the master bedroom—a ceiling height restricted to approximately 7 feet—challenged our design acumen. To counteract this limitation, we strategically introduced oversized windows to infuse the space with natural light. An ingenious ceiling detail, hovering above the bed, contributed an additional 6 inches of vertical grandeur.

The master bathroom emerged as an opulent tableau, carefully calibrated for balance and individuality. Divided by dark stone waterfall features, reminiscent of a Yin and Yang paradigm, each partner’s space within the shower becomes a bespoke realm. The interplay of dark hues against white marble and walls encapsulates a sophisticated equilibrium.

Exterior articulation, conceived as an organic extension of the internal narrative, embodies a grounded resilience to weather the elements.

Sourced from Poland, the imported exterior siding became our artistic medium, manipulated to manifest varied patterns on the facade, coalescing into a visually cohesive whole.

The residence, a testament to our design prowess, became a crucible that prompted discernment in what to retain, what to introduce, and what to relinquish—an alchemical process that birthed a distinctive haven for an equally unique family.


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