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🌟 In celebration of BLACK HISTORY MONTH 🌟

At Flow Design Architects, we take pride in honoring the achievements and contributions of Black/African and African Descent professionals in the architecture and design industry. Today, we shine a spotlight on one such inspiring individual, Timeus Mulinge.

🏢 Name: Timeus Mulinge

🎨 Job Title and Company: Designer at Flow Design Architects

🎓 Degree(s) or Current Program: B.A Art (Design Concentration), M.Arch (2024)

🌆 Professional Interests: Architect, Industrial Design, Construction, Urban Design

Timeus' journey into the world of architecture was inspired by his father's dedication to the craft. However, it was a transformative trip to Switzerland and Dubai in 2007 that ignited his passion for architecture as a potential career path.

Timeus acknowledges the crucial role his supportive parents played in nurturing his ambitions. Their encouragement and guidance helped pave the way for his success.

As a Black professional in the field, Timeus recognizes the pressing issue of representation. With less than 3% of Black architects in America, he understands the importance of amplifying Black voices and experiences to foster diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Drawing from his rich heritage, Timeus infuses his work with elements of African aesthetics, sustainability, and community-centric approaches. He sees himself as a kaleidoscope of cultures, weaving together stories of resilience, adaptability, and the beauty of diversity into every project he undertakes.

To aspiring African American/African/Black students and emerging professionals, Timeus offers words of encouragement: "Black voices matter! Show up and stand out. Your heritage and experiences are invaluable contributions to the field of architecture and design."

In his designs, Timeus embraces his cultural roots by integrating traditional architectural principles and materials unique to his heritage. By honoring the Swahili and East African cultures through cultural motifs and local craftsmanship, he creates spaces that resonate deeply with communities and the environment alike.

Join us in celebrating Timeus Mulinge and the countless other Black/African and African Descent professionals who continue to break barriers, inspire innovation, and shape the future of architecture and design. Together, let's strive for a more inclusive and vibrant industry.

Mulinge started at Flow as a co-op from Wentworth and has continued supporting our mission as a consultant from Mombasa with @mulingeprojectsltd

Our ties to the Black communitity extends beyond the borders of our work and location.


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