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Darguin Fortuna Passes Architecture Registration Exams!

It is with great pleasure and honor that we announce the culmination of an arduous path towards licensure. Darguin Fortuna worked his way through this very intense and rewarding testing process and deserves all the credit for his success.

“The list of people involved into making me better and preparing me for this, is limitless and they all know I would have not done it without them. They somehow have become a part of me and perhaps the best part of me is the people around me whom I owe it all to. First of all, thank you to Jesus my lord and savior, my wife Caitlin Fortuna, and my son Dj who helped me make songs about codes and regulations as well as random coefficients of thermal expansions. His creativity surpasses mine at that age by a lot. I thank, my daughter Emmalin who kept coming to my office to say hi, reminding me of why I do what I do with her smile.”

"It is interesting to see how my last score report says YOU 'RE DONE and I strongly disagree with that. I am just getting started. The team around me and all of the forces that have gotten a hold of me, just won't stop there. Now we begin a new chapter with many more challenges just as if not bigger than the previous ones. The Flow Design team is at a good stage right now and all of our clients are excited to be partners with us on this journey."

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