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I'm sure as all students alike, when Darguin Fortuna was creating, designing, and drawing a plan for one of his classes at the BAC, "Skyscrapers and Superheroes," he thought his work work would be criticized by his professors, graded, and forgotten about as he moved on to his next project. Little did he know, that the BAC would use his model to inspire and encourage other students through their Practice Magazine!

The Magazine states that "The BAC Celebrates 2016 Commencement" and includes information about the school, highlights from classes and events such as their annual dance party, 'Parti,' a section titled "Catching Up with Alumni," and more.

"Utilizing the qualities of superheroes or villains, the studio seeks to show students what it means to introduce a small change to an ordinary system and challenges them to explore how the intervention has the potential to radiate and change the perception of the existing structure." (page 13)

The article features some of Darguin's renderings and structural symbiosis of the building.

It also talks about how the class traveled to New York City to inspire them in their skyscraper endeavor and ends with some quotes from Darguin and another classmate.

Congratulations Darguin, your Team here at Flow Design is so proud to have you!

To view the entire magazine, visit here:

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